Cement glue for installing porcelanic tiles, ceramic tiles and natural stones for INDOORS and OUTDOORS pavements.

Fields of application:

-Is ideal for the gluing of glass mosaics in swimming pools.

-Is ideal for the gluing of tiles, stoneware, mosaics, terracotta,… and interior bonding of porcelain tiles, and it is even more resistant to humidity than FIXACER: installation of tiles in bathrooms, shower areas, etc.

-FIX PORCELANICO FLEX is ideal for sticking low absorption tiles in bathrooms, kitchens, etc.

-Installing ceramic red or white paste tiles, ceramic mosaic, stoneware, etc. on supports of gypsum, anhydrite, gypsum board and gypsum-based surfaces on interior walls, waterproof plasterboard, etc.

-FIX PORCELANICO FLEX is a thin layered cement that is applicable in layers ranging from 3 to 10mm.

How to use:  
Mix with clean water using an electric mixer. Allow to stand for 2 minutes and remix. Apply with a toothed trowel and always fill in between the tiles with a rubber mallet.