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Pre-dosed, fast-setting mortar for repairing and cleaning concrete.

Fields of application:

•Reconstruction of the iron-covering layer in reinforced concrete structures.

•Also ideal for repairing balconies, cornices, lintels, pillars, beams, etc. 

•For repairing surface defects such as gaps or patches of gravel, even those which are very thick.

•For reconstructing steps, ornamental pieces, stone walls, etc.

•Suitable for sealing cracks and rigid fissures and for reinforcing concrete faces.

•Excellent for repairing the rims of windows, doors, bolts anchorage points, etc.

•Thanks to its very high resistance to wear, it is ideal in flooring, ramps, channels, bridges, etc.

•Excellent for vertical and horizontal repairs, even against gravity.

How to use: 

Remove any remains of deteriorated, unconnected or not very solid, etc. concrete. Mix FIX-REPAR R2 with water and apply with a trowel. Can be easily smoothed with a fine trowel.