Adhesive cement of a thick layer for installing tiles, stoneware, mud bricks, mosaics, stone, etc. WITHOUT having previously levelled the support. Maximum thickness 15 mm.

Fields of application:

-Is ideal for the gluing of glass mosaics in swimming pools.

-Laying of ceramic tiles with >3% absorption in INDOOR paving and coatings and in OUTDOOR paving.

-Laying of porous red or white paste floor tiles, porous mosaic tiles on paper or mesh, wall tiles, etc., on  substrates made of mortar, plaster, FIX-REVOCO-type whitewashing,     mosaic, fibre cement, artificial stone, floating reinforced slabs and pre-hardened surfaces such as RECRECEM PRE-MIX, PAVIFORT, waterproofed plasterboard, etc.

How to use:  

Does not need mixing with sand. Just add clean water and mix with an electric mixer. ALWAYS fill in between the pieces with a rubber mallet.