Three-component reactive resin adhesive for sticking any kind of ceramics, making them waterproof and elastic.

Technical Specifications:

-Tiles that are not at all absorbent, such as glass or porcelain stoneware, on supports that are not at all absorbent, such as metal, glass, PVC, etc.

-Installing pieces of marble in thresholds, lintels, kitchen sinks, etc.

-Installing pieces of glass or resins.

-Installing ceramics in any kind of wood, whether or not absorbent, kitchen tops, laboratories, etc.

-Waterproofing and installing vitreous mosaic in showers and swimming pools.

-Installing porcelain stoneware and glass mosaic on PVC, having first applied    PRIMER PARA ELASTICER.

-Installing on horizontal and vertical surfaces. Indoors and exteriors.

-Installing on supports subject to heavy vibrations and/or flexions.