Pre-mixed mortar with a normal setting time and fast drying time: enables tiles to be positioned after 24 hours.


- With PAVIFORT you will be able to:
• Make bases that can be  used for transit after 12 hours.
• Position tiles after 24 hours.
• Achieve bases that are perfectly dry after 3 days, and therefore suitable for applying natural stone, parquet, linoleum, carpets, etc.
• Avoid mistakes of dosage in the work:  it is a pre-dosed product.
• Have a mortar prepared with high quality sand, with granulometric exactness.
• Save time in preparing the mortar: you only need add water.
• Guarantee a perfect support for technical installations: industry, supermarkets, airports, etc.
• Carry out extra layers without contraction with a normal working time and fast drying time.
• Urgent repairs in areas with traffic: restaurants, shops, corridors, etc.
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Suitable for making floating floors or ones adhered to a support.
• Suitable for making bases with radiant heating.