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MOULD-RESISTANT silicone especially for bridging and expansion joints in bathrooms, screens, toilets, mirrors, etc. It is not corrosive to aluminium and is completely odourless.

1) Extremely elastic sealant for expansion joints in bathrooms our outdoors.
2) Sealant in the methyl acrylate-aluminium joint in bathroom screens: watertightness, adhesion and maximum flexibility.
3) Sealant in the joint between bath and tiles, and generally in watertight joints between bathroom ceramic and tiles.
4) Sealant for the joint between mirror and ceramic when recessed: does not attack the metal surface whether it be tin or mercury.
5) Sealant between PVC elements, between ceramic, marble, stainless steel,...
6) Fixing ceramic tiles directly onto mortar or concrete with no primer.
7) Its extremely low module makes it highly elastic and perfect for application in interiors and exteriors, even those subject to strong vibrations.
8) Does not attack surfaces; it is totally waterproof and helps avoid mould formation.