THERMAL INSULATING pre-mixed mortar for indoor flooring. A normal-setting and quick-drying product.

- With TERMIX we may make indoor floors, guaranteeing a perfect support for home fittings and technical fittings: industries, supermarkets, airports…
- TERMIX will guarantee a very high THERMAL INSULATION. TERMIX avoids heat loss (calories and/or refrigeration units) thus GREATLY reducing heating/refrigeration consumption in our home or industry. 

- With TERMIX we will be able to:
• Build passable floors after 12 hours.
• Fit ceramic material after 24 hours.
• Perfectly dry floors in 3 days, therefore suitable for fitting natural stone, parquet, linoleum, carpet, etc.
• Avoid dosage mistakes on site: it is a pre-proportioned product.
• Have a ready-made mortar prepared with high quality silica sand and the exact necessary granulation.
• Save time in preparing mortar: just add water.

- Make screeds without contraction, within a normal working time and with a quick drying process.
- Urgent repairs on transit areas: restaurants, shops, hallways…
- Suitable for indoor application. Suitable for fitting floating floors above 4 cm or glued to the support by a previously applied bonding grout.