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A conductive additive for mixing with joint mortars or cement-based adhesives for laying and grouting conductive ceramics.


FIX-ELECTRIC can be mixed with mortars, cement-based adhesives and dispersion adhesives in order to be applied in the following situations: 
- Gluing and grouting conductive ceramic indoors on mortar supports. 
- Industries where flammable or explosive materials are handled: petrol stations, refineries, warehouses, etc. 
- Industries where electronic components are manufactured: printed circuits, electronic cards, televisions, computers, etc. 
- Laboratories where precision electronic instruments are used and where electrostatic charges, even static charges, can be harmful. 
- Operating rooms, recovery rooms with electronic treatments, ICU rooms, etc. 
- Machine rooms where sparks may occur on switches, electronic motors, etc. 
- Warehouses for chemical products
- Office space
- In commercial areas that are damp or not well-ventilated.