Single-component mortar for anchoring and backfilling by simple pouring.

GROUT S10 is a preparation with a very high percentage of high-quality polymers. You need only add water to produce a mortar for anchoring and backfilling with controlled shrinkage. When hardened, it is able to uniformly transmit the stresses of the machine or structure to the foundation, allowing the optimal functioning of the whole assembly.

GROUT S10 is a CONSTANT formulation mortar. No clays, no ashes, no carbonates. It is designed for those important applications where durability and the resulting safety are essential.

  • Excellent flowability: it is easy to use and ensures total filling and full contact between anchor plate and support.
  • It has a controlled retraction: it avoids undesired take-offs and the correct transmission of loads.
    It is self-levelling and does not show segregation.
  • It develops very high mechanical resistance in a very short time. See Technical Data table.
  • It is waterproof and resistant to aggressive substances.
  • It has a distinctly alkaline pH and is therefore not only non-corrosive to the metal structure, but also protects it.
  • Enables rapid commissioning.
  • It is very resistant to shocks, vibrations and tensile, torsional or shear stresses.

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Eco Fixcer

All Fixcer products are environmentally friendly. Fixcer manufactures with sustainable construction parameters and complies with the EN14.001 standard to reduce environmental impact.

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All Fixcer products are environmentally friendly. Fixcer manufactures with sustainable construction parameters and complies with the EN14.001 standard to reduce environmental impact.

Eco Fixcer
Eco Fixcer



  • Ideal for filling under anchor plates due to its high fluidity and mechanical strength. The cost of GROUT S10 is very small in proportion to the total installation cost of the structures, which more than justifies the use of GROUT S10: it achieves an Rcompression = 54 N/mm2!!!
  • GROUT S10 is the filler product suitable for sealing the male-female gap resulting from assembling two adjacent pieces of System S10 by Rosa Gres.
  • It is the simplest and most economical solution for anchoring railings or posts in concrete, given its great adhesion to both the support and the iron of the railing.
  • GROUT S10 can be used to seal non-moving, horizontal cracks or crevices in concrete or mortar.


Before applying GROUT S10, we recommend as follows:

  • All substrates must be fully cured, resistant and solid, as well as free of dust, paint, waxes, oils and grease at all times.
  • If the surface is very smooth, roughen it by sandblasting or similar: this increases the adhesion of the grout to the substrate
  • The concrete should be soaked with water (especially in hot weather), but be careful: do this 24 hours before applying the grout.
  • If there are metallic elements, brush them mechanically to remove the rust present.
  • Apply GROUT S10 at temperatures between +5ºC and +30ºC. If the grout contact surfaces are very cold, suitable heating systems should be provided 24 hours in advance, which should be maintained for 2-3 days after application. If it is very hot, mix the grout with cold water (no ice), and keep a good shade over the grout for at least 2-3 days after application

Preparation of the mixture:

  • Pour 3.25-3.50 litres of water into a large container and then pour 25 kg of GROUT S10 little by little, mixing for 2 to 3 minutes with a slow electric mixer.
  • Immediately after kneading, apply it by pouring it into the cavity to be filled.


  • When using the mix for an anchor plate, pour the grout continuously and rapidly from one side of the plate until it comes out of the opposite side, thus ensuring that the air is completely evacuated. You can use vibrators or a rod to facilitate the complete filling of all the corners.
  • If the slab is very large, provide boreholes every 50 cm and grout one borehole until it comes out of the next and continue the process until the end of the slab.
  • Download the GROUT S10 Technical Data Sheet for full technical details and correct and safe application.


  • Use cardboard and paper recycling bins to dispose of unusable and empty sacks.
  • Use plastic recycling bins for unusable and empty plastic packaging. 
  • Mortar residues and leftover building materials must be disposed of at the appropriate green point or recycling location for your district.



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