Anchoring mortars

An anchoring mortar is a specific material used to fix or anchor structural elements. This type of mortar is used to provide a secure and strong bond between the anchoring material and the substrate.

Common characteristics of anchoring mortars include:

  • High resistance: They are formulated to provide mechanical strength and ensure that anchored elements remain in position even under heavy loads.
  • Adherence They provide a strong adhesion between the anchoring material and the substrate, guaranteeing an effective bond.
  • Fast setting: Many anchoring mortars have fast setting times to speed up the site process.
  • Moisture Resistance: Anchoring mortars are formulated to withstand wet conditions or corrosive environments.
All FIXCER anchoring mortars are fully compliant and have excellent properties. In order to make a good choice, it is important to define the use of the construction element. 

FIXCER offers you two types of solution

  • Cementitious mortar, for spaces exposed to humidity and abrasion. They are the most economical and versatile solution for anchoring.
  • Epoxy mortar, for areas with high hygiene requirements, exposed to water, abrasion and chemicals. Ideal in industrial spaces, hospitality and public buildings such as hotels and hospitals.