Acid cleaners

Acid-based cleaners are suitable for heavy duty cleaning and final cleaning.

  • GRESNET is a specially formulated acid cleaner with surfactants and corrosion inhibitors, suitable for all intensive cleaning jobs outdoors and INDOORS. 
  • Does not attack stainless steel, chrome or mirrors
  • It is suitable for cleaning ceramic materials, glazed decorative tiles, mosaics, stoneware, swimming pools, saltpetre and efflorescence.
  • GRESNET PLUS is a highly concentrated special acid, specially formulated for all those intensive cleaning jobs outdoors. Do not use without the necessary precautions.

GRESNET PLUS is suitable for:

  • Cleaning of ceramic tiles and mosaics of all types, on floors, facings and façades, and outdoors. 
  • Removal of efflorescence and salt deposits from ceramic tiles.
  • Cleaning of dirt on construction sites: cement residues, dust, lime, cement glue. 
  • Removal of joint residues.
  • Cleaning of small rust stains. 
  • Pool cleaning.