Paint thinning cleaners

These products are formulated to help remove dried epoxy or paint residues such as graffiti. EPOXI CLEANER

  • Detergent cleaner for dry residues of epoxy grouts. 
  • Ideal for final cleaning after applying CERPOXI or PROFESSIONAL PX
  • With EPOXI CLEANER you can remove dried epoxy residues from any epoxy mortar used for grouting industrial, anti-slip, rustic or embossed tiles. 
  • Flooring, facings, both indoors and outdoors, in swimming pools, on stoneware, terracotta, porcelain, marble, granite and glass.
  • It is a paint stripper suitable for removing graffiti, paint and rubbers from coarse surfaces not previously treated with an anti-graffiti product. It is also useful for removing epoxy residues.