Concrete repair

In general, the degradation of concrete is initiated by the oxidation of the iron structure. This occurs when moisture penetrates through the concrete and, on reaching the iron of the structure, oxidises it. The rust causes the iron section to increase in volume, causing pressure from the inside that eventually breaks and detaches the iron cover layer from the concrete.

How can deteriorated concrete be repaired?

The FIXCER solution to repair concrete has 2 phases: passivate and repair.

1.Passivate the irons. Current primers, such as FIX-REPAR ANTI-OXID  or ANTI-OXID LIQUID, can be brushed directly onto the rust to stabilise it and thus prevent future corrosion. This method of protection is technically defined as anodic passivation.

2.Repair to regenerate spalled concrete. It is essential to use mortars specifically prepared for this work and which meet a series of very important requirements: high mechanical strength, controlled shrinkage, a modulus of elasticity as similar as possible to that of concrete and an alkaline nature to protect the armatures. Our FIX-REPAR R2 and  FIX-REPAR R4 products meet these specifications and offer advantages such as excellent adhesion, very high abrasion resistance and easy workability, even without the use of formwork.