Coloured cement mortars

A coloured cement mortar is a mixture of cement, sand, water and many other additives. It is commonly used in construction to bond, adhere or seal materials. FIXCER cement grouts are suitable for grouting tiles in interior or exterior areas exposed to weather and water.

Tips for use

  • It is important to mix correctly to achieve a suitable texture that is easy to apply. 
  • The cement should be mixed with the right amount of water using an electric mixer. 
  • The secret to a good finish is to apply the product with a hard FIX–ESPATULA DE GOMA rubber trowel and after 30-40 minutes clean with the FIX–LLANA PARA LIMPIAR trowel. Finally, the excess water is collected with the FIX-ESPONJA
  • If whitish efflorescence appears due to the hardness of the water, it should be removed 7 days after grouting with a mixture of GRESNET acid and water: 1 part GRESNET and 10 parts water.