Epoxy mortars

An epoxy mortar, or epoxy adhesive, is a type of material composed of two main elements: an epoxy resin and a hardener. When these two components are mixed in the right proportions, they initiate a chemical reaction that results in a solid, durable, strong, 100% watertight material with high chemical resistance.

Epoxy mortars are commonly used in projects where a strong and durable bond is required. Some outstanding features of epoxy mortars include:

  • High adhesive power
  • Durability, epoxies provide excellent resistance to abrasion, chemicals and adverse environmental conditions.
  • Nil shrinkage, which helps to build a solid, seamless bond.
  • Moisture resistance, are water resistant and well suited for applications in wet or submerged environments.
  • Versatility, epoxies can be used to bond, seal, repair or layer surfaces, depending on the specific formulation of the epoxy mortar.
  • Joints made with FIXCER Epoxy Mortars guarantee the construction of a surface resistant to acid attacks in food or chemical industries, swimming pools, industrial kitchens, hotels and public buildings.

Tips for use

  • Mixing correctly is the best way to obtain a consistent texture that is easy to apply. 
  • The product is prepared by mixing all pre-dosed components with the aid of an electric mixer. 
  • The mortar is applied with the hard rubber trowel FIX–ESPATULA DE GOMA and the residues are collected with the same tool, making diagonal movements to the joints. 
  • When working with epoxy mortars it is very important to clean up immediately after application, within 10 minutes at most. Cleaning is carried out with the FIX–LLANA PARA LIMPIAR. Lastly, the excess water is collected with the FIX-ESPONJA.