Self-levelling mortars

Self-levelling mortars offer the ability to spread and level evenly over a surface without requiring intensive intervention by the installer. Self-levelling mortars are commonly used to create flat and even surfaces in construction projects.

Use our self-levelling solutions if needed:
  • Levelling floors, correcting irregularities and unevenness in existing floor surfaces prior to the installation of new facings.
  • An easy to apply levelling product: FIXCER solutions are easy to apply and require less effort to achieve a level surface compared to traditional methods.
  • Adhesion: all FIXCER levelling solutions offer good adhesion on a variety of substrates.
  • FIXCER self-levelling solutions are suitable for interior surfaces. We offer you the following options:
  • FIX-NIVEL, for indoor production of 1 to 15 mm thick levelling layers.  
  • FIX-NIVEL CAPA GRUESA, for outdoor production of 5 to 50 mm thick levelling layers.
  • FIX-NIVEL PREMIUM, for when you need an extra-fluid, quick-hardening, self-levelling mortar for the execution of levelling layers from 1 to 20 mm thick in interiors.