Multi-purpose adhesives

MASTIC MS is an excellent adhesive for elastic, multi-use bonding and sealing between absorbent and non-absorbent elements. 

Choose MASTIC MS for uses as varied as:

  • Bonding of galvanised profiles in plasterboard installations 
  • Bonding of metal, stainless steel or ceramic washbasins on marble or wooden worktops. 
  • Bonding of mirrors in bathrooms. 
  • Bonding of electrical appliances in kitchens. 
  • Bonding of sanitary fittings: bidets, WCs and furniture 
  • Bonding of insulating materials such as rock wool or polystyrene directly onto the brickwork 
  • Bonding of plinths and lintels. 
  • Bonding of panels on ventilated façades 
  • Sealing of safety glass 
  • Sealing of body seals 
  • Sealing and filling of cracks, even those subject to movement. 
  • Sealing in shipbuilding. 
  • Seals on glass, porcelain, aluminium, polyester and fine woods. 
  • Thanks to its very low modulus, it is highly elastic and can be used both indoors and outdoors.