Waterproofing with film

The application of the LAMINA PROOF system step-by-step guarantees the total watertightness of the swimming pool. Waterproofing with LAMINA PROOF is also recommended for demanding areas such as penthouse terraces. Its salient features are as follows:

  • It is a three-layer film. It consists of a base layer of polypropylene, plus a layer of modified low density polyethylene and a final layer of polypropylene.
  • Its configuration is so specific that it can be bonded to the substrate with a cement glue to place the ceramic directly on top of it with the appropriate adhesive, with no need for any other intermediate layer.
  • It is 100% watertight against fresh, chlorinated and salt water.
  • Its three-layer system gives it a tear resistance far superior to any other waterproofing system.
  • Due to its high elongation values, it is an ideal film for bridging cracks in cracked or simply unstable substrates.
  • The polyethylene interlayer gives the film full chemical resistance to alkalis and very high resistance to dilute acids.