Using the right tools is the key to success: once you have chosen the right product, you must apply it correctly. Using the right tool is essential to achieve the desired result. 

There is a FIXCER tool for each phase of the installation:

  • For mixing the cement: use a helical mixer coupled to an electric drill for 3 minutes. This ensures that all the additives are evenly distributed.
  • To spread the tile adhesive: use a notched trowel with teeth according to the size of the piece to be laid. This achieves total ceramic-cement-substrate contact.
  • To spread the jointing material: use the FIX-ESPATULA DE GOMA hard rubber trowel. Only then will the sealant penetrate to the bottom of the affected area.
  • To clean the grout: use the FIX–LLANA DE LIMPIAR trowel. It is a rigid tool that allows the ceramic to be cleaned without emptying the joints.