Water table film

In construction in general (and in swimming pool construction in particular), we recommend the use of LÁMINA FREATICA de FIXCER to prevent negative pressure. It is installed before the concrete slabs are laid, thus preventing water from entering the interior due to negative pressure. 

The LÁMINA FREATICA de FIXCER offers the following outstanding features:

  • It is a multi-layer membrane that is very easy to install.
  • It is waterproof for the protection of underground concrete structures in residential, industrial and swimming pool areas.
  • It is suitable for homes, shopping centres, public works and in general for any work that requires continuous contact between the sheet and the structure.
  • The film is certified and approved with the CE mark according to the standard DIN EN 13967  which ensures total watertightness under negative pressure.

LÁMINA FREATICA de FIXCER besides being useful in the construction of swimming pools, offers many other uses. Choose the LÁMINA FREATICA de FIXCER for:

  • Swimming pool construction
  • Buried structures such as basements, tanks, purification systems, tunnels, underground car parks in residential buildings, hospitals or industries.
  • Protection of concrete foundations against rising water due to a high ground water table.