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Elastic paint for waterproofing exterior terraces without ceramic tile finishing. Special formula that it can be applied with an airless paint spray. 


-Paint for waterproofing flat roofs and exterior terraces that do not receive transit. 

-Enables purely domestic transit for sporadic checks on TV aerials, for small repairs outside, for hanging clothes on the clotheshorse, etc. 

-Waterproofing of vaults, projecting eaves, porches, walls, finishes, terraces, protective aprons, etc. 

-Waterproofing fibre cement flat roofs. 

-Waterproofing roof tiles, bricks, mortar or concrete surfaces. 

-On the whole, it enables waterproofing against the rain of an exterior element with enough of a slope to enable the free drainage of the water. 

-Cleaning up, repairing, in short, for recovering the waterproofing of flat roofs, terrace roofs, terraces, etc. 

-It can also be used as paint to protect concrete against carbonation.