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Pre-mixed mortar for RENDERING walls. It is a high QUALITY rendering: it has a constant formula and ensures the correct dosage on site, as you only need add water.

Fields of Application:

-FIX-REVOCO is a mortar with a CONSTANT formula. It does not contain clay, it does not contain ash, it does not contain expansive sands, etc. It is conceived for important applications in which the durability of the installation starts with additional layers of mortar.

-With FIX-REVOCO you can render up to 25 mm in one go.

-With FIX-REVOCO you can:

•render walls, hard to the touch after 12 hours.

•place tiles on the rendering after 24 hours.

•completely dry rendering at 3 days, therefore suitable for installing natural stone, parquet, linoleum, carpets, etc.

•avoid mistakes of dosage in the work: it is a pre-dosed product.

•have a mortar prepared with high quality siliceous sand, with granulometric exactness.

•save time in preparing the mortar: you only need add water.

Application on external FAÇADES

Application on external FAÇADES

Application in a SWIMMING-POOL and SPA

Application in a swimming-pool with 9 SYSTEM