Concrete repair mortars

Concrete repair mortar is a material used to repair and restore concrete structures that have suffered damage, deterioration or wear over time. This type of mortar is designed to restore structural integrity and improve the appearance of affected concrete surfaces. The main functions of concrete repair mortar include:

  • Repair of cracks and holes: It is used to fill and seal cracks, fissures and holes in concrete structures. This helps prevent the ingress of water, corrosive chemicals and other elements that could cause further damage.
  • Surface Restoration: Repair mortar is used to restore the concrete surface, whether it is worn, eroded or has lost its structural integrity due to factors such as exposure to adverse weather conditions.
  • Improved Strength and Durability: By applying the repair mortar, the strength and durability of the concrete can be improved, providing an additional layer that helps to protect the underlying structure.
  • Adhesion to Existing Surface: Repair mortars are formulated with additives that improve adhesion to the existing surface, ensuring a strong and durable bond between the repair mortar and the original concrete.
It is important to select the correct type of concrete repair mortar. FIXCER offers you a series of very specific products for the protection of concrete imperfections, and the various types of repair thereto. CONSULT with us to choose the best solution to repair and/or protect concrete.